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Missing tweets !

‎‎October 28‎, 2012

3 tweets – posted on October 25-26, 2012 – are missing from my Twitter account, although #1 shows up at times.

Tweet#3 This was written on Twitter y’day morning – 24 hours ago – and showed up on TwitIQ – before disappearing from both: http://wp.me/p2FQvP-4o – 26 Oct (Morning)

Tweet#2 Surprising that Kingfisher run by an Indian lawmaker has not paid wages– while law provides up to six months in prison for such an offence! – 25 Oct (Morning)

Tweet#1 Khap: attempts by extra-judicial/extra-legal fora to decide citizens’ rights/liabilities– a function of lawmakers & judges. – 25 Oct (Morning)